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Schepps Design is a Website design / mobile responsive and digital / graphic design provider that creates high-end all original customized content. Unlike other businesses we never use templates and produce everything in-house so that we can make sure that our clients get the best possible quality. Our goal is to create engaging and thoughtful handcrafted brand oriented design that communicates your specific message. We work to describe and enhance your brand by conveying your business benefits, communicating everything you do and create.


Custom mobile responsive design and coding is the only serious choice for building up-to-date multi-use Websites. We offer full-service Web design and Magento e-commerce ready to serve your custom Web presence business needs. Let us use every tool at our disposal to help you craft the most powerful and accessible Web presence possible.


Since mobile / responsive design accessibility is now an official Google ranking factor, creating a mobile friendly site is more important than ever. Allow us to help you reach every customer and viewer, no matter how they access your site utilizing flexible responsive code; be it tablet, desktop, or smart-phone.


Put the power in your hands and let us help you grow with Magento e-commerce and content management tools. We can help you create a powerful online store that is set up correctly with all your payment modules, tax rates, languages, shipping options, or whatever you need. Contact us today to learn more.


All great ideas start small and need support and hard work to bring them to life. We will research and analyze your customer demographics / industry competition and then use that information to build a better customer relationship through communication. Once we understand your customer's interests and user flow we will emphasize this within the design. We can also utilize social media for promotion and broadcasting current information. Finally, we will refine all the elements of the design and create a brand that your customers can identify.


We provide digital graphic design with a critical eye. Great design makes products concise and personalized. With a clear brand strategy we combine all our skills to help you communicate your message, big or small. Offering just about any size project including but not limited to: business cards, post card, posters, brochures, books and more.


Brand design matters. Brand not only impacts how well your product does in the market, but also the lasting impression your product has on the consumer in their home and business. Is it useful? Is it practical? Is it eye-catching? We will work closely with your team to answer these questions and help you create a long-lasting impression with your product.


Commercial photography, art and technology have to work together to highlight your product in a universally appealing way. We are adept in staging in our studio or on site at your location. We excel at creating high quality images suitable for catalogs, brochures, or web design that you can be proud of.


Audio design is the creation or treatment of audio sound or music. Audio design is used in a broad range of disciplines including sound art, film-making, sound recording / reproduction, live performance, television production, post-production, theater, and video game software development. We offer audio design complete with all the digital features you need to tackle many common recording, over-dub, or mix sessions. Contact us for details.

We have an exceptional operating history and have repeatedly worked with a wide range of businesses in the United States and abroad since 1996. We have worked with larger companies and Fortune 500 companies like Motorola, Actiontec, ATO Pictures / Records, Kind Snacks and Cliffbar developing full-scale hand coded websites, custom design artwork, full service Magento e-commerce development and even product packaging. We also cater to smaller businesses while giving the same full-range of professional custom results used with larger companies.






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